Questions about Layaway

  • How do i choose layaway? 

    When you checkout, you can see Layaway option, just click it to continue. Once you click "I confirm my order", we will send you an invoice by paypal within 48 hours.

  • When will my order be processed? 

    Your order will be processed after down payment cleared. It is possible that the order would be ready to ship when you paid off.

  • How long is layaway term? 

    Layaway is up to 90 days. You can pay off at any time less than 90 days. 

  • Are there any extra fees?

    There is no extra fees for Layaway.

  • Can I cancel a layaway?

    Yes, you can. But we will charge 20% restocking fee of your order payment.

  • Are all items online available for Layaway?

    Yes, there is no limit for order amount.

  • What are my balance?

    You can see your balance in your paypal invoice.

  • How much is down payment?

    The down payment is 10% of total order amount. 

  • How much should i pay for each term?

    There is no limits to pay. Paypal is very smart. You can pay any amount you want. Just to pay off within 90 days or a shorter time.