Frequently Asked Questions

About Layaway

  • How do i choose layaway? 
    When you check out, you may see layaway by paypal option, just click it to continue. Once you choose layaway, we will send you invoice by paypal.
  • How long is layaway schedule? 
    Layaway is up to 90 days. You can pay off at any time less than 90 days. 
  • Are there any fees?
    There is no extra fees for layaway payment.
  • Can I cancel a layaway?
    Yes, you can. But we will charge 20% restocking fee of the total amount.
  • Are all items online available for layaway?
    Layaway is available for purchases of $100 or more, all items are available.
  • What are my balance?
    You can see your balance in your paypal invoice.
  • How much is down payment?
    The down payment is 20% of your grand total. You may pay more than 20% if you leave us a note when you place the order.
  • Is there any limits when i pay my payments?
    There is no limits to pay. You can fill any number in your paypal invoice.